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Loyalty Program

Over the past 12 years, UPS had developed and managed huge loyalty programs in 10 countries for international elite brands and served over 15 million card holders. We put all our experience and know-how together to develop the most comprehensive loyalty solution that you might need to keep your customers coming back and reward them for their loyalty. 

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Get the benefits of Uni-Points, loyalty solution

  • Increased customer retention and ensuring future visits to the store.

  • Maximize Customers’ spending and CLV.

  • Free marketing through push notifications or SMS to inform your customers about offers & updates.

  • Better understanding of your Customers’ Behavior means more efficient marketing campaigns.

  • Easy collect/redeem process through Plastic or Virtual Cards.

  • Immediate utilization of the existing data in your CRM and providing segmentation and analytics on it.

  • Increased service level and Quality

  • More convenient through various redemption channels for customers (online, in-store advances, discounts)

  • Possibility of including Gift Cards & e-commerce Platforms in the future.

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