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UPS has worked over the past 16 years with many customers on a wide variety of products, we’ve designed, developed, hosted and managed software, we’ve hired, trained, managed and outsourced thousands of resources, we’ve placed/answered millions of calls in call centers and we’ve delivered thousands of orders to customers, putting all these expertise together helps us to provide you with the consultancy services you need to achieve your goals

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Utilize UPS consultancy services:

  • Evaluation of your call center operations and providing complete solutions.

  • Evaluate your data center and networks and provide solutions.

  • Help in designing your network and Data security structure.

  • Help in Setting up your PBX, Sip-Trunks, VOIP and call routing.

  • Handle the communication with your vendors who are developing your software.

  • Technical review and Product Quality Testing of your underdevelopment software

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