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Gift Card

Over the past 14 years, UPS had developed and managed huge Gift Card programs in 10 countries for international elite brands and served over 8 million card holders. UPS will issue your company its own prepaid Gift Cards (supported with a mobile application)  that can be sold by you either in their stores or online, the cards can be also used for refunds for the client to use in next purchases from you. The Cards are reloadable and can either be plastic or virtual cards that will work through your mobile application. Payments will be done easily through shake and pay technology. 

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Benefits of Uni-Points, loyalty programs

  • Increased sales by acquiring new customers gifted from existing customers.

  • Decreased cash outflow that will be retained in the cards instead of cash refunds for the customers.

  • Increased liquidity by getting cash in advance free of charges.

  • Increased budget accuracy over time through trends of purchases compared to prepaid funds ratios.

  • Increased customer retention and ensuring the future purchase transactions.

  • Easy refund/purchase process through Plastic or virtual Cards.

  • Increased data base of customer information and contact details which is the base for efficient low-cost marketing campaigns.

  • New revenues stream (optional) by charging transaction fees

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